Expert Rank

19.99 USD

Package Description

Expert Rank

The Expert Rank is for people who want to support the server even more (x2 that of adept rank)! It has benefits that are useful to integrate yourself into the community and to have more fun!

All the abilities of the Adept Rank No Chat Restrictions, Double Jumps, Infinite Games, Spectating, Bypassing Proxy Queue and more!

Access to /fly command in the lobby.

Access to more options for technique maker - more slots, more blocks, more space, more settings.

Invite all players in the lobby to join a queue.

Can create new guilds and be promoted as owner in one

Access to fun lobby commands like /lactate

Can punch around users in the lobby every 10 seconds

More private game features! 6 bots, 15 player slots, 5 hosted slots, more tweaks. (More info)

Can change your preferred team colour for games!

Even more features coming!