Private Games

Private games (accessible via /pg) allows for full customisation of your game. The better the rank, the more customisations that are available.


This section outlines general perks each rank has for private games.

Table. General Rank Features for Private Games

Preset Slots  ❌  5  13  27
Max Players  4  10  15  30
Max Bots    1  3  6  10
Tweaks  21  43  54  83
Select Map  ❌  ✅  ✅  ✅
Non-Native Maps  ❌  ❌  ✅  ✅
Custom Queues  ❌  ❌  5 slots  10 slots
  • Non-native maps are maps which belong to a different game-mode. For example, using a bed bridge fight map for block sumo.


This section will list each new "tweak" or "option" useable by each rank. Every rank can access the tweaks in the rank before it. 21 tweaks are available to players with no rank.

Adept Rank (22 tweaks):

  • Knockback Stick. Give players a knockback stick when they start the game.
  • Ladders. Give players ladders when they start the game.
  • Fireballs. Give players fireballs when they start the game.
  • TNT. Give players TNT when they start the game.
  • Fishing Rods. Give players fishing rods when they start the game.
  • Snow Balls. Give players snow balls when they start the game.
  • Emerald Generator Speed. Change how fast the emerald generator spawns emeralds.
  • Diamond Generator Speed. Change how fast the diamond generator spawns diamonds.
  • Initial Diamonds. Change the number of diamonds each player spawns with.
  • Forge Speed. Set the speed of the forge.
  • Instant Block Break. Blocks will break instantly.
  • Bed Rush Size. Change the size of the bed defence.
  • Old Maps. Select from old maps when playing bed bridge fight.
  • Bed Defence. Change the automatically generated bed defence.
  • Random Block Place. Blocks placed are of a different random material.
  • Jump Boost Effect. All players spawn with jump boost.
  • Speed Effect. All players spawn with speed.
  • Starting Level. Changes the powerup level players start at in Beta Block Sumo.
  • Allow Projectiles. Removes projectile items from the Bedwars shop.
  • Spooky Mode. Sets block sumo to be spooky.
  • Merry Mode. Sets block sumo to be merry.
  • Increased Diamond Costs. Multiply the diamond costs by some amount.

Expert Rank (11 tweaks):

  • Enderpearls. Give players an enderpearl when they start the game.
  • Bridge Eggs. Give players bridge eggs when they start the game.
  • Iron Golems. Give players iron golem spawn eggs when they start the game.
  • Pop-up Towers. Give players pop up towers when they start the game.
  • Use Old Charge Mechanic. Will use the old Beta Block Sumo charge mechanic.
  • Golden Apple on Kill. Can now give players a golden apple on kill.
  • Double Jump. Set the number of extra jumps a player can use.
  • Kill Effects. Sets an effect to be given on kill.
  • Blindness Effect. Can now enable blindness effect.
  • Health. Can now change the number of hearts a player has.
  • Flat Fight Map Generation. Can change the bridge waviness, thickness, and length.

Master Rank (29 tweaks):

  • Random Item Bonus. Give players a random item every once and a while.
  • Juke Box. Players will spawn with a juke box and random music disc.
  • Infinite Rail Gun. Players will spawn with a diamond rail gun in Block Sumo, which has infinite ammo.
  • Infinite Thor's Hammer. Players will spawn with a diamond Thor's hammer which can be used infinitely many times.
  • Fireball Bow. Arrows are converted to fireballs.
  • Rapid Fire. Pressing "Right Click" will instantly shoot an arrow.
  • Summon Enderdragon. Set the number of Enderdragons to spawn on game start.
  • Combo PVP. Remove hit delay from PVP.
  • Break Map. Allow any block to be broken in the map.
  • Double Jump Size. Further customise double jump by changing how strong the extra jumps are.
  • Rising Lava. Transforms the entire bedwars game with new items and a lava level which eventually consumes the entire map. 
  • Falling Anvils. Anvils will randomly fall above a player's head.
  • Random Ender Pearls. Players will randomly be given Enderpearls.
  • Random MLG Clutch. Players will randomly be selected to perform a MLG clutch. If they fail, then they die.
  • MLG Clutch Mode. Change the type of MLG clutch requires (ladders, water, random).
  • TNT Spawning. TNT will randomly spawn at the player's feet.
  • Chicken Head. Players are given a chicken head which randomly shoots chicken eggs. A shop upgrade is added to improve the eggs.
  • OP Shop Items. Adds a new category to the Bedwars shop menu, which includes 14 new custom items.
  • Wool Allergy. When enabled, players can only stand on their own wool.
  • OP Generators. Buffs the Bedwars forge generators to give extra items and extra resources.
  • Random Potion Effect. Hitting a player gives a random potion effect.
  • Timed Effects. Players receive a permanent effect which changes to a different effect periodically.
  • Random Health. The number of hearts a player has will randomly change.
  • Random Health Range. Sets the range for the random number of hearts to change to.
  • Desync Health. Whether health is changed randomly for all players or applied individually.
  • Allow Crafting. Whether players can craft.
  • Bedrock Walls. Bedrock walls are placed between each base for a set period of time.
  • Increased Island Distance. Change the island distance in Bedwars Mega.
  • Convert Eight-team Maps. Allows playing Eight-team maps in Bedwars Four-team.

Tweak Options

Some tweaks are available for a certain rank, but certain options are inaccessible.  This section details the extra options sometimes provided for a specific tweak.

Adept Rank:

  • Bow. Can now set "One shot" bow.
  • Sword Sharpness. Can now set "Sharpness 50."

Expert Rank:

  • Knockback Stick. Can now set "Knockback 50" or set a custom value.
  • Fireballs. Can now set "64 fireballs."
  • TNT. Can now set "32 TNT."
  • Snowballs. Can no set "16 snowballs."
  • Number of lives. Can now set "50 lives" or set a custom values.
  • Number of Obstacle Segments. Can now set 40 obstacle segments.
  • Emerald Generator Speed. Can now set to "Extremely fast speed."
  • Diamond Generator Speed. Can now set to "Extremely fast speed."
  • Forge Speed. Can now set to "Extremely fast speed."
  • Jump Boost Effect. Can now set "Jump X" or set a custom value.

Master Rank:

  • Enderpearls. Can now set up to 120 enderpearls.
  • Bridge Eggs. Can now set up to 16 bridge eggs.
  • Iron Golems. Can now set up to 64 iron golems.
  • Pop-up Towers. Can now set up to 64 pop-up towers.
  • Emerald Generator Speed. Can now set to "God speed."
  • Diamond Generator Speed. Can now set to "God speed."
  • Forge Speed. Can now set to "God speed."
  • Health. Can set up to 50 hearts.