Bedwars Practice is the go-to place for enhancing your skills in Bedwars. With years of active development and high-grade server hardware, we've been committed to providing a seamless gaming experience. This store offers a way for players to support the server while also enjoying additional features. These include the ability to create your own techniques, play in custom games with friends, choose custom team colours, and more!

The best part is: it's permanent! If you're on the fence with whether you should buy a rank: consider that if you don't, you may just buy one later anyways for the same price - missing out on a lot of time for no good reason. If you don't want a rank at all: maybe this will change your mind.

The ranks unlock non-P2W features such as new techniques to play, new cosmetic options, and more.

To get started you can access ranks here. Thank you for considering a rank!


How long do in-game ranks last?

In-game ranks are permanent and are only available on the account you purchase it for. If you are switching accounts, contact support on the discord server.

Why is the payment not processing?

Depending on the gateway, this may be because:

  • Your paypal account is limited (requires verification).
  • Your credit card was declined.
  • You are using a VPN (or any blacklisted IP).

If you need further assistance with any issues, join the discord server here and create a support ticket.

What items are available?

This servers sells permanent player ranks, and rank gifts. Ranks are per-user only, and provide various benefits to enjoy the server more.

Can I pay without a PayPal/Stripe account?

Yes, you do not require a paypal account to use the PayPal payment gateway option. Instead, simply provide a credit card or debit card. This also applies to the Stripe payement gateway, no accounts for these platforms are required.

Do I have to be 18+?

You do not have to to be 18+ to purchase a rank. If you are under 18, please consult your guardian for permission. If unsure, please read the TOS of the payment gateway of choice.

Where does the money go?

The money goes towards development and keeping the server running. This means more performant servers (less lag), more gamemodes and features, and potentially additional features for the rank your purchased (freely added)! Pretty much, it costs a few Big Mac meals a day to run the server, and money doesn't grow on trees.

Who develops the servers?

We have a small development team, where the vast majority of server development over the last three years has been completed by the one server owner.

If I buy a rank, will I get a discount on upgrading?

You will get a discount on upgrading. If you buy, for example, adept rank, you can purchase expert rank by the difference between the two prices ($10). Therefore, besides payment gateway fees, there is nothing wrong with getting the lowest rank now, only to upgrade later.

Why is there only one payment gateway?

At the moment, the only payment gateway used is Stripe. More payment gateways are planned. 


VOXYL NETWORK is the sole proprietorship which owns bedwarspractice.club (server hosting, development, etc). It is an Australian business operating using US hosting services. There are plans to include other servers than bedwarspractice.club, so stay tuned (ranks will also carry over for free!).

Is the server EULA compliant?

The server is EULA compliant as the rank revenue goes back into the server and ranks provide no unfair competitive advantage over other players. The Minecraft EULA can be found here.

Policies & Agreements:

*Note: This server is not affiliated with Mojang.